SEMINAR – Architectures of displacement and the 1923 Population Exchange between Greece and Turkey, Kalliopi Amygdalou

Séminaire hybride / Υβριδικό σεμινάριο  / Hybrid seminar – 02/02/2022, Salle des conférences de l’EFA, Didotou 6 (port du masque obligatoire) / Αίθουσα διαλέξεων της ΓΣΑ, Διδότου 6 (υποχρεωτική χρήση μάσκας) / EFA Conference room, Didotou 6 (mandatory face mask) more info here

Following the 1919-1922 Greek-Turkish war and the 1923 mutual and compulsory population exchange between Greece and Turkey, millions left their towns and villages behind, and their homes, schools and religious buildings were re-used by incoming refugees of the other side or were left in ruin. Meanwhile new housing, especially on the Greek side, was constructed in order to house thousands who had no-where to stay. This presentation addresses aspects and forms of the refugee settlement process on both sides.

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