We are commemorating the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution of 1821 in something of a mass mobilization of scholars in Greece and abroad. Ministries, schools, universities, research centers, and foundations – all have been holding their strategy meetings to determine what they, too, can do to mark the occasion. Blue-ribbon national commissions for Greece and the abroad add a layer of gravitas and bureaucracy; who was promoted and who was demoted becomes the stuff of academic and cultural gossip. Scholars who were once specialists in some other national history, subdiscipline, or time period are finding their way to Greece in 1821. Overseas universities are doing the same, and specialists in Russia, Serbia, Romania, Latin America, and the Middle East have found ways to take their place in the ranks… 1821 (openedition.org)

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eastmed (2021, 19 mars). 1821. Eastern Mediterranean Connection. Consulté le 20 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/nzex

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